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06 December 2009 @ 09:06 pm
Shop until you drop.  
# So yesterday I spent pretty much the entire day at the shopping mall, stocking up on Christmas presents. So far I'm only buying presents for my nieces but I'm hoping that by next year, I'll have enough (of my own) money to buy Christmas presents even for my parents and brothers. I do however buy them birthday presents so it's not like I'm cheap or anything. Anyways, I'm pleased to have all the Christmas shopping over and done with, even though I love spending time at the shopping mall.

# I've also started saving up money to buy some new stuff next year; cell phone, DVD player, laptop. None of them are exactly emergency things except perhaps the DVD player since I won't be able to watch my R1 movies without it. But the computer is more because I've gotten sick of my current computer always misbehaving no matter what. And the cell phone, well, I've just fallen in love with it.

# Currently watching Season 4 of Grey's Anatomy and should be done in a couple of days with the entire season. But I won't be re-watching Season 5 since it aired on television a couple of weeks ago. But all in all, I've been watching Grey's for about three weeks now so it's gonna be weird not watching it daily in the near future.

# And another movie I really wanna see is James Cameron's Avatar which has gotten me curious after seeing the trailer on TV so many times by now. Anybody else curious about the movie?
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