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29 December 2009 @ 08:21 pm
# A little over fourteen days ago I handed in my computer for service. The problem? One of the keys had fallen off due to me polishing up the laptop. It was the "w" letter so it made writing quite hard since "w" is a common letter in the English language. But I managed, even though you had to press down hard on the key at the end before I finally handed in the computer for service. But the key still worked, which is more than I can say for it once then computer was returned to me. Now, I have to copy and paste the damn letter everytime I write in English and avoiding the "w" letter is pretty close to impossible, or at least it is for me. Sure, the problem was covered by my insurance but what's pisses me off is that the key is in worse shape after the service than it was before. Naturally, I have to hand in the damn computer again so that the idiots can get it right. Again, I won't have to pay anything because of the insurance but seriously? why can't people do their jobs properly? Good thing I'm saving up money to buy a new laptop sometime early next year, since this key problem is only the latest in a long line of problems with this damn computer.

# So aside from being without computer and Internet for 12 days, I also realized that my LiveJournal paid account was not updated. Roughly about two years ago I set up automatically payments every six months so I didn't need to make manual payments every two months. But since then the latest payment in June 2009, I've gone and gotten myself a new VISA card and forgetting all about updating that important piece of information. So now, currently, my paid account and add-on icons are inactive. My first instinct was to update it but then I realized that since I don't use my LJ frequently at the moment, I've decided to wait a while before setting up the automatic payments again. I have some other things I feel are more important than $21 every six months for something I hardy use. And besides, according to my computer, my LJ layout looks exactly the same. So I only have one active icon but I can live without that for the time being.

# Just finished watching Nicholas Nickleby. Another one of Anne Hathaway's movies I can scratch off the list. I went to see Avatar at the cinema yesterday and one of the movie trailers showed was Tim Burton's Alice in wonderland in which Anne Hathaway plays The white Queen if I remember correctly. Anyways, I'm very curious to watching the movie mostly because of her. Oh, and apparently I'm going to see Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief sometime next year. Doesn't look like I have any other choice in the matter. ;)
MOOD: complacent
MUSIC: Leona Lewis ~ Love Letter